Hey awesome visitor! You made this far. You must be wishing to know more about me. Here is a short story about me.

In 2009 I discovered the fabulous experience of wearing rubber and found a great community around it. Since then I started to spread my love of rubber. Photography is a great way to represent the fetish scene to everyone. Photography can make the scene as accessible as possible for everyone.

As a respected rubberman in a gay male fetish world, I understand what drives my models, commissioners and commercial projects.

I do like to capture joyful feelings and emotions when experiencing the feel of rubber, leather, lycra or any other material. It’s not just about clothing, it’s your lifestyle that you want to be caught through the lens.  

For years and years, I can say that I gained experience in lots of aspects of fetish photography, from personal shoots to specific products.

Max Samauth
Mister Rubber Netherlands 2014
Mister International Rubber 18 (2015)

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